Healthy Hallelujah


What is Healthy Hallelujah!?

This program is an approach to improving your health and includes daily tips on Faith Life, Medical, Movement, Nutrition, Work, Emotion, and Family and Friends.

Healthy Hallelujah is offering a way to help you get your life healthier. Forty Days to Healthier Living. Each day starts and ends with reflection and contains scriptural encouragement.

What Healthy Hallelujah Offers:

  • Provide health information/resources
  • Make hospital or nursing home visits
  • Provide caretaker respite
  • Send condolence cards
  • Assist with arranging transportation to med. app
  • Offer cancer support by survivors
  • Review your medications with you
  • Assist with living will and end-of-life document
  • Offer companionship at end-of-life events
  • Chick-in phone calls
  • Assist with arranging temporary meals
  • Pray for you and with you

Additional Beneficial Resources

  • Home health services, community resources, and diabetes
  • Newborn, preemie, and infant resources
  • Crisis pregnancy support and hospice services
  • Home health services, veteran benefits, caregiver resources,
  • Health and nutrition, medical equipment, Medicare/insurance guidance
  • Health and nutrition, dental care, and health guidance for men
  • Healthy Hallelujah, health and wellness (chronic disease), and community resources
  • Calvary Connections is an outreach (calls, visits, prayer, & support).

           Contact Karen : 928-208-1043. | Hebrews 10:25

Want to get involved?

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Contact Information:

Interested? Contact Becky at 520-559-1350 or sign-up via e-mail