Better Bucks


What is Better Bucks?

Better Bucks an Arizona 501(c)(3) Non-profit Charitable Community Organization that is a compassionate, and more secure way to give. 

Who can spend Better Bucks?

Better Bucks can alleviate most of the skepticism on how your money will be spent. Just like cash - Better Bucks can be used by anybody.

  • Each $6.00 Better Bucks Coupon Booklet contains five $1.00 Better Bucks vouchers - which can be redeemed at participating merchants in Sierra Vista for designated life-essential goods.
  • Redeemers can use up to $20.00 in Better Bucks coupons in one transaction. Some of the prohibited items include: alcohol and tobacco along with other restricted items deemed non life-essential. Most food items and non-alcoholic drinks qualify for purchases with Better Bucks.
  • Each booklet also has a one-day Vista Transit Bus Pass for travel on routes within Sierra Vista along with information about assistance agencies throughout Sierra Vista which can offer expanded help!

Where to purchase Better Bucks?

Better Bucks are just like cash- they can be used by anybody! Why not purchase some booklets and have them in your car, purse or pocket to have available when you feel the urge to lend a helping hand, and want the assurance that your money will be spent to actually help!

Compassion- A sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it.

Most people have it, but are unsure of how to express it. People who have lack, have a need for compassion from those who have abundance.

Contact Information:

Questions or more information? Please go to the Better Bucks Sierra Vista Website.