Foundations Class

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What is Foundations?

Foundations for Christian living is the name of our Foundations ministry. The name was chosen to ground us to the Word from the beginning. None of this is possible without Him and His Word to teach us. Therefore we have Foundations for Christian Living.

What is our purpose?

Our purpose is to help the adults of Sierra Vista to better their understanding of the Word and to enter into their own personal relationship with the Living God through Christ Jesus and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Once entering into that relationship, we want to equip them with the foundations of the Bible and to help them grow spiritually into strong Christians.

What do we discuss?

There are six different sessions that we continually rotate through (Click here to download the book)

        1. Intro to the Bible & Assurance / Planning a Daily Quiet Time

        2.  Putting Christ First / Discovering God's Will

        3.  God The Father / Jesus The Son

        4.  The Holy Spirit & a Summary of the Trinity / The Spirit-Filled Life

        5.  Satan & Spiritual Warfare / Sin, Salvation, & Forgiveness 

        6.  Repentance & Faith / Fellowship & Sharing Your Faith

When do we meet?

Foundations class meets every Sunday at 11:00 AM in the meeting room on the West side of building B. Adults are encouraged to arrive by 10:50 PM to have fellowship with others before the lessons begins.

Contact Information

Pastor Jack Tinney: Email, or call 520.378.1020