Announcements - Israel


We are here to worship God and “expectantly” wait on Him

This means that we are going to be in a prayerful place where we are especially sensitive to hearing the Spirit sharing things with us individually.

There will be singing and worship…

There will be no words on the screen. If you know the words then sing along. If not, prayerfully listen to the words and worship God. Putting words on the screen can be a distraction for some, pulling their attention away from listening for God and placing their focus on things around them.

God may reveal something to you….

This could be affirmation in your life, direction in your life… something you may choose to keep private. That’s ok. This time is about you having special time with God.

God may impress your heart with a passage of Scripture.

If you feel this would be an encouragement to the fellowship then feel free to read it.

God may share something with you which you feel may be edifying, exhorting, or comforting to the rest of the fellowship (1 Cor 14.3).

Prayerfully consider if God is wanting you to share with the body. If you believe that the “Word from the Lord” should be shared then take a minute or two to share in between songs. Remember, a “Word from the Lord” is “a word”…. Something short. If I feel you are starting to take too long I’ll start a song as a kind way of saying “please stop”. Please be respectful of others when it comes to how long you speak. This is not a forum for long testimonies (sharing what God has been showing you recently or what you feel He has been calling you to do).

Don’t get uncomfortable when there is silence.

Many feel that silence is an indication that somethings wrong. Not so! Don’t forget that you are in a room of people who have come to listen. It’s hard to listen when there’s lots of noise.